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Cycle 126 days
Durability in Vase 15 days
Specific Color Tinted Rainbow
Number of Petals20
Grams per bunch250 gr
Stem Length 80 - 85 cm
Button Size 0,5 - 1,2 cm
Availability All year long
Number of Stems Per Bunch
Take Full Advantage of It Cut the base of the stem 5 cm, use floral food, change water every 2 days.
General Tip Always use clean water free of bacteria. Be careful not to plug the vascular bundles.
Conditions in which it lasts longer Change water every two days. Lasts longer in the shadow. Do not expose to direct light.
Under which conditions should it be transported 3° C HR 85 %
(103,6*24,6*13,1 cm) (103,6*24,6*24,9 cm) (120*32*32 cm)
Tinted Rainbow 800gr 6 bunches 15 bunches 20 bunches

Gypsophila is an ornamental plant of white flowers known as Cloud or bridal veil, the size of the flower varies between 3 and 10 mm. Its charm lies in the abundance it produces. It is widely used in arrangements as a secondary flower, that is, as a complement in bouquets of roses or carnations. In the industry they are used for the manufacture of detergents and expectorants. It is also used as a perennial plant in gardening. The cloud is distinguished by the beauty of its inflorescence, formed by numerous small flowers arranged in a panicle. The plant of white specimens can reach up to one meter in height.